Maintain access to all the great Weigh and Win features by upgrading to Premium.

For only $3.33 a month* maintain access to:

  • Daily health coaching by email, text, or web
  • Six daily meal suggestions from a Registered Dietitian
  • Daily exercise plan from a Personal Trainer
  • Access to health coaches by phone or email
  • Healthy Selfie progress tracking
  • Cash rewards for health improvement every 90 days
  • HEALTHpoints prize drawings
  • Challenges
  • and more!

*$39.99 annual payment to unlock one year of program access

For the past year, incentaHEALTH has been operating Weigh and Win without a sponsor. In order to continue to serve our 100,000+ members, Weigh and Win will cost members $3.33 a month* to maintain their account.

What happens if I don't upgrade to Premium?
If you don’t upgrade to Weigh and Win Premium your account will automatically be moved to Weigh and Win Basic on January 15, 2020. With Weigh and Win Basic you will receive a weekly coaching email. You will still be able to weigh in at the kiosk. You will lose access to your healthy selfie photos, cash rewards, challenges, access to our health coaches, and more.

9 ways Weigh and Win Premium
helps you achieve better health


Earn cash every 90 days for weight improvement


Daily exercise plans created by a Personal Trainer


6 daily meal suggestions from a Registered Dietitian.


Access to a health coach by phone or email for additional support and motivation.


Track your weight and BMI with our HEALTHspot kiosks or Smart Scale


Visual progress report of your success with photographed weigh ins


Daily support by email, text or online to help you achieve your goals


Monthly prize drawings for program participation. Win prizes like gift cards, bikes and more!


Use competition to fuel change. Engage in team challenges, seasonal challenges, and user generated challenges.

Don’t lose access to all these great Weigh and Win features! For only $39.99 a year you can maintain access to exercise plans and meal ideas, see your healthy selfies, earn cash rewards, and more.


What Our Members Say


incentaHEALTH Member
"I needed to make a change. Once you make that commitment to lose weight, the program is such a huge support.  You just can’t go wrong.  The best thing about the program is that it’s private.  You’re the person who takes control of your life.  They reward you for losing that weight. They provide tremendous tools to help support you.  My greatest hurdle was listening to that voice – that voice was telling me I needed to do something with my life.  As long as you’re taking that first step – that big hurdle.  Anyone can do it."


incentaHEALTH Member
I decided to make healthy change because I found out I was borderline diabetic and had high cholesterol. What I like is that you can sign up for texts to come to your phone that give you tips on recipes and also on staying motivated. I exercise more regularly because it makes me feel successful mentally and physically. And you can log into your account and see your before pictures and what you look like now. I am no longer borderline diabetic and I am at a healthy BMI and my cholesterol is at a good level now.


incentaHEALTH Member
"I was 45 pounds overweight, prediabetic, and hypertensive. I needed to change. The daily emails provided me accountability and encouragement. I loved seeing the photos and how my body, posture, and demeanor changed! I have so much energy now. I ran my first Marathon this year. My last screening for diabetes is normal, AND my blood pressure medication was cut in half."
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