What is Weigh and Win?


Find a kiosk near you and weigh-in as soon as possible

Visit a kiosk near you to complete your first weigh-in. You must wait at least 30 minutes from the time you complete your enrollment before weighing in. Click here for a list of all kiosk locations. Your weight from this weigh in will be your BASELINE for the first year of the program. If you are at an unhealthy weight (BMI >/= 25), then you are eligible to earn quarterly cash rewards based on the percentage of weight improvement from your initial weigh in.


Daily personalized coaching and other online tools will help guide you.

You will begin receiving daily emails from your Weigh and Win Personal Trainer. Emails include include daily physical activity and meal plans, motivational quotes, tips specific to your challenges, success stories.

If you chose to receive text messages, this will be sent to you staring on the Monday following your enrollment at the times you specified during the enrollment process.

60 Second Journal: work on one small goal at a time and track how you’re doing.
Quiz: test your knowledge on healthy eating and active living with this weekly quiz!
Nutrition and Fitness Guide: looking for a reliable source for information on healthy eating and active living? Well look no further – you will have access to this guide 24/7.
Audio and video podcasts: mix up your workout with these downloadable exercises (for home or the gym). Includes a step-by-step “how to,” so don’t be afraid to try something new.

In addition to all of these great tools, call or email with one of the Weigh and Win certified personal trainers. They can answer your questions and provide additional support and motivation: personal.trainer@weighandwin.com, 303-694-8007 Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm.


Weigh-in at least once every 90 days to track your progress and qualify for cash rewards

Visit any Weigh and Win kiosk to track your progress. Weigh-ins once per quarter are required to be eligible for cash rewards, though we encourage participants to weigh-in more often if a kiosk is convenient. Weighing-in will help you achieve your goals by keeping you accountable.

Cash rewards are distributed every 90 days (quarterly), based on your enrollment date. In order to be eligible for the cash reward each quarter, you must complete at least one individual weigh-in during that quarter.

To view your individual weigh-in dates, login to your Weigh and Win account and go to the "My Settings" tab in the tool bar and then select "Weigh-in Calendar" tab in the drop-down menu.


Earn cash rewards every 90 days.

Prizes for participating

Quarterly Cash Rewards for Weight Improvement and Maintenance:

  • You are eligible to earn cash rewards if you begin the program at an unhealthy weight (with a BMI >/= 25).
  • Cash rewards are distributed every 90 days (based on your enrollment date). You MUST weigh-in at least once during the quarter to be eligible for the cash reward – if you don’t weigh-in, we don’t know if you have lost or maintained your weight!
  • Rewards are calculated based on your percentage of weight loss from your first weigh in.
  • Rewards are also provided if you maintain your weight loss (for example – if you lost 5% in the first quarter. When you do your second quarter weigh-in, you have not lost more weight, but you have maintained your 5% weight loss. You will receive another cash reward for maintaining.
  • Prizes just for participating
  • Earn HEALTHpoints by participating in the program. You will receive points for reading your emails, weighing-in, referring friends, and more. If you earn at least 300 points or more during the month, you will be entered into that month’s drawing for great prizes.

Goal Weight

30% reduces =140 lbs

$ 150

25% reduce =150 lbs

$ 105

20% reduce =160 lbs

$ 75

15% reduce =170 lbs

$ 45

10% reduce =180 lbs

$ 30

5% reduce =190 lbs

$ 15

Baseline Weight = 200 lbs

$ 0


Eat well, be active, complete weigh-ins and keep earning rewards!

As you slowly incorporate healthy eating and active living into your lifestyle, they will become habit over time. Continue to hold yourself accountable by staying on track and completing quarterly weigh-ins. You will continue to earn cash rewards every 90 days* for weight improvement and/or maintenance.

Keep it up and before your know it, you’ll achieve a healthy weight with sustainable lifestyle habits!

*After one year, your baseline weight will reset and your cash rewards will be calculated from that weight.