Melody W. A Role Model        


Weight Improvement: 55 lbs
Percent Improvement: 19%
Cash Rewards: $75

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What do you like about Weigh and Win?

The daily emails encouraged me and helped me along the way. The rewards are my favorite part. It’s just a good incentive, to find out that someone is going to pay you and keep you accountable. I’m using my reward money to go to Elitch Gardens. I can’t wait to get on the rides and to FIT in the seats.

How has your life changed since losing weight?

Personally, I feel better about myself. I enjoy clothing shopping now, running after my granddaughter, keeping up with my 8-year old, and riding a bike. I can walk up a flight of stairs and don’t feel like I need to call 911. My blood sugars are controlled now through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I also no longer need to take insulin and am down to 1-2 pills a day for the diabetes. Additionally, I am off the high blood pressure medication.

55 lb. Improvement

Then: 283 lbs.

Now: 228 lbs.

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