Janet H. A Role Model        


Weight Improvement: 102 lbs
Percent Improvement: 42%
Cash Rewards: $450

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What was your biggest hurdle?

My greatest hurdle was my own negative self-talk. I had tried and failed so many times at so many different programs. And I have been on every fad diet you can imagine. I had to get to the point where I started believing that a fad diet wasn’t going to work for me. I needed a lifestyle change, which was going to have to be incorporating not only good nutritional intake into my body but also getting out and exercising. And that’s what I did. I looked at all the tips that were on the website at Weigh and Win, which is a really great place to get nutritional and exercise advice.

102 lb. Improvement

Then: 240 lbs.

Now: 140 lbs.

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