Tanya A. A Role Model        


Weight Improvement: 40 lbs
Percent Improvement: 24%
Cash Rewards: $135

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What was your goal when you started Weigh and Win?

I started with small, attainable goals as directed by the health coach. My very first goal is kind of embarrassing - it was to simply get an alarm clock to be able to get up for the gym!

What advice would you give to others?

Weigh-in often, even when you don't feel like you've lost any weight. The scale does not lie, and it helps to get back that motivation, even if you've only lost a few ounces. And the best thing is going back and looking at your pictures. I love showing off my before and after pictures!

40 lb. Improvement

Then: 167 lbs.

Now: 129 lbs.

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