Jennifer S. A Role Model        


Weight Improvement: 54 lbs
Percent Improvement: 24%
Cash Rewards: $150

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How has Weigh and Win motivated you?

How Weigh and Win has motivated me was I would go in weekly and I would post in my journal. I would say how I was feeling. I would take their survey.Also you can call and you can talk to anyone anytime. They have coaches that are there to give you advice if you hit plateaus.

Weigh and Win’s incentive programs and their prizes and all of that is wonderful. But what they actually do for the person is what matters the most. You can say all of those things motivate you, but once you see what it does. Let me just say that Weigh and Win itself is the true motivator.

54 lb. Improvement

Then: 223 lbs.

Now: 169 lbs.

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