Julie B. Healthy Together        


Weight Improvement: 80 lbs
Percent Improvement: 24%
Cash Rewards: $210

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What motivated you to improve your health?

I really wanted to be healthy by the time I was fifty. The other thing was just to feel more confident and fit in my clothes better. Even just going to a restaurant, we worried about fitting in the chairs. I really just wanted to feel more normal and healthy.

What do you like about Weigh and Win?

As soon as I get up, the first thing I do is check my personal trainer Weigh and Win email. It gives me a good start to my day, and helps me stay on track. The other thing about Weigh and Win is you can weigh-in at the kiosks. We like to weigh ourselves once or twice a month to make sure we’re on track. If you’re having problems, email Weigh and Win. They have always been able to answer questions and are super helpful and positive.

80 lb. Improvement

Then: 332 lbs.

Now: 252 lbs.

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