Suzan S. A Role Model        


Weight Improvement: 39 lbs
Percent Improvement: 23%
Cash Rewards: $120

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What do you like about the Weigh and Win program?

The most important thing about the program and the best thing about the program is that it’s private. You’re the person who takes control of your life. You’re the person who decides how you’re going to lose the weight. They reward you for losing that weight. They provide tremendous tools.

What was your greatest hurdle?

My greatest hurdle was listening to that voice – that voice was telling me I needed to do something with my life. I needed to make a change. Once you make that commitment to lose the weight. The Weigh and Win program is such a huge support you just can’t go wrong. There’s so much information that they provide to you. As long as you’re taking that first step – that big hurdle. Anybody one can do it.

39 lb. Improvement

Then: 168 lbs.

Now: 129 lbs.

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